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Six tranquil places in the old part of Koblenz (Münzplatz, Plan, Rathausplatz, Liebfrauenkirche, Jesuitenplatz, Zentralplatz) , more than 100 glittering, festive, cottage-style stands – and "Lebkuchenherzen", traditional gingerbread hearts, a blaze of lights and literature classics: one of Germany's oldest cities is turned into a Christmas paradise in the Advent season, ideal for romantic strolls around the city.

Koblenz alone expects more than 300.000 visitors from all over the world in the four weeks before Christmas – visitors looking for magical festive charm, mulled wine and Riesling fruit loaves as well as authentic and novel attractions in a unique atmosphere. On the weekend, popular cappella choirs and music societies guarantee a cheery and at the same time reflective atmosphere at the "Christmas Vocal" Festival when they sing Christmas carols from all over the world in the City Church on Jesuit Square. Retail stores are open until midnight on 13 December for "star shopping", inviting visitors to take a leisurely shopping stroll.

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