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Foto: Stefan Kesselheim

When it is Christmas time in Koblenz, all the streets and lanes are brightly illuminated by numerous Christmas trees and candles, throughout the whole city you smell the pleasant aroma of “Glühwein” (mulled wine) and “Lebkuchen” (gingerbread) and hear silent Christmas music. Everywhere you see decorated houses and shop windows.

Koblenz offers you along the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterLöhrstraße, a great pedestrian area, a large number of shops. There you can find everything that belongs under the Christmas tree: toys, cameras and DVDs, trendy cloth, necklaces and rings, books, and all kinds of typical German souvenirs. Beside this large shopping-street, there is a big indoor shopping-mall, the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterLöhr-Center. It contains more than 140 stores spread over three floors. If you are especially interested in jewellery you have to visit the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterSchlossstraße: here, jewellers have a long tradition and create and sell exquisite jewellery. If you want to relax, visit the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterOld town of Koblenz with its exclusive fashion stores, attractive cafés, bars, restaurants and traditional pubs.

All the stores are opened from Monday to Friday till 8 p.m. On Saturdays the city offers you a depository bus, where you can leave your Christmas buying easy and save. 

As you can see, Koblenz has a great variety of shopping supplies, which make all your wishes come true.

"Stars Shopping" - the long shopping night in Koblenz

On the 15th of Dezember 2018 the long shopping night take place in the city of Koblenz. For this event the christmas market and also the shops are opened till 12:00 pm. The guest can admire an enchanting iluminated city with many little suprises in the participating shops.